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PPSA Proposed By-law changes 11/17/2021

PPSA 2021 Proposed bylaw changes

Article III

Sec. 4. Professional Active membership shall be extended to any photographer or visual artist, studio owner, or studio manager who has been actively engaged in photography for one (1) or more years, and is dedicated to the elevation of the standards of professional photography. A Professional Active member must derive a portion of their earned income from photography and must have a Texas State Sales Tax Permit, or be employed by an institution that has one. A Professional Active member may vote, hold office, serve on committees, and represent the Association on both state and national levels.

Rational:  Technology and Business needs have evolved and changed the way that business is conducted.  Example 1) A landscape photographer who sells fine art prints through Shutterfly does not collect sales tax. 2)  A church who employs a staff photographer.  3) An instructor of photography at a public or private  institution.   All three are instances were a Texas Resale Permit may not be available.

Sec. 9. Life membership may be granted to those individuals who have consistently given exceptional contributions or support to the Association over an extended period of time of not less than 25 years. The Board of Directors may, at its discretion, consider individuals who do not meet the 25 year requirement by unanimous vote. Life membership shall be automatically extended to a member who has completed his term as PresidentChairman of this Association. Life members may vote, hold office, serve on committees, and represent the Association on both state and national levels.

Rational: Board service duties continue through the position of Chairman.  Offering the life membership at the time of completion of the Chairman position allows us to honor the service appropriately.

Sec. 10. Sustaining/Vendor/Service membership may be extended to an individual or company who supplies products or services to the photographic or visual arts industry. Sustaining/Vendor/Service members may not vote or hold office, but may serve on committees. All Life members shall enjoy all the privileges of Professional Active Membership.

Rational: This description does not belong in this membership section.  It is included in Sec. 9 above.

Article V

Sec. 4. The duties of the President shall be: to preside at all meetings of the Membership Board of Directors; to designate the time and place of special meetings of the Board; to direct the activities of the association in a manner prescribed by the Board; to review all bills and accounts presented for payment; to act as a member ex-officio of all committees; and to perform the duties generally imposed upon a like officer of similar associations.

Rational: The President is the “face” of any business or organization.  It is standard procedure for the President to conduct (preside) the everyday business of the company (in this case membership).  The business of the Board of Directors is conducted (chaired) by the Chairman.  

Article VI

Sec. 2. The Board of Directors shall be chaired by the Chairman of the Board (Immediate Past President), who shall preside over the Board of Directors and retain the power of voting.

Rational: This does not change anything.  The language has been added simply to create clarity.  

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