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PPSA Monthly Digital Photographic Competition Guidelines & Rules

We encourage members in good standing to participate in image competition.  The following guidelines will assist those wanting to enter our monthly digital photographic competition.

Entrant must be a PPSA member in one of the following membership levels:
  • Master
  • Professional / Associate
  • Aspiring / Student
Eligible members may enter one (1) image regardless of category, and/or one (1) album in the monthly competition:
  • Portrait -- Photographs of individuals or groups, regardless of age or number of individuals, as well as animals. (Exception – those that meet the criteria for Illustrative, Wedding, or Digital Artist categories)
  • Scenic -- Scenes or elements from nature where people are not the dominate feature of the image. This includes most nature and landscape photographs.
  • Illustrative -- Images such as photographic art, photojournalism, architectural, commercial, or other images that do not fit any of the other categories. Portraits and wedding images are not appropriate for this category.
  • Wedding -- Any photographic image from a wedding event or bridal portrait session. Engagement images are not appropriate for this category.
  • Digital Artist -- Composites, paintings, and other elements that extend beyond traditional retouching and changing the entire scope of the finished product.
  • Album - Albums may be of any subject.
Other Requirements:
  • The member must have captured and created the original image(s), unless included as an element within the Digital Artist category.
  • Images and albums that have been previously accepted at a PPSA competition are not eligible. Images and albums scoring an 80 or higher at a State-affiliated guild competition, a District-affiliated competition, the PPA International Photographic Competition, or the World Photographic Cup competition are not eligible.
  • An image or album may only be entered once, regardless of calendar year, and whether they are a single digital image, an image in an album, or an element in a collage or composite.
  • A subject or model may only be entered or used once per calendar year.
  • The entrant’s name or studio name shall not appear anywhere on the face of any entry.
  • All entries submitted that include people in their content must have a "Model Release" on file.
  • No entry will be eligible that has been made under the supervision of an instructor or as a class assignment.

The Director of Exhibits has the authority to re-categorize, correct data entry discrepancies, or disqualify any entry. Disqualified entries may be judged but are ineligible to receive any awards.

All entries are due no later than 6 P.M., the Wednesday (generally the second Wednesday of the month) a week before the monthly meeting. The entries must be submitted online at www.ppgsa.org. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED!

"Professional Photographers of San Antonio, Inc." is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.  San Antonio, TX 78258