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PPSA Monthly Digital Photographic Competition Guidelines & Rules

We encourage members in good standing to participate in image competition.  The following guidelines will assist those wanting to enter our monthly digital photographic competition.

Entrant must be a PPSA member in one of the following membership levels:
  • Master
  • Professional / Associate
  • Aspiring / Student
Eligible members may enter one (1) image regardless of category, and/or one (1) album in the monthly competition:
  • Portrait -- Photographs of individuals or groups, regardless of age or number of individuals, as well as animals. (Exception – those that meet the criteria for Illustrative, Wedding, or Digital Artist categories)
  • Scenic -- Scenes or elements from nature where people are not the dominate feature of the image. This includes most nature and landscape photographs.
  • Illustrative -- Images such as photographic art, photojournalism, architectural, commercial, or other images that do not fit any of the other categories. Portraits and wedding images are not appropriate for this category.
  • Wedding -- Any photographic image from a wedding event or bridal portrait session. Engagement images are not appropriate for this category.
  • Digital Artist -- Composites, paintings, and other elements that extend beyond traditional retouching and changing the entire scope of the finished product.
  • Album - Albums may be of any subject.
Other Requirements:
  • The member must have captured and created the original image(s), unless included as an element within the Digital Artist category.
  • Images and albums that have been previously accepted at a PPSA competition are not eligible. Images and albums scoring an 80 or higher at a State-affiliated guild competition, a District-affiliated competition, the PPA International Photographic Competition, or the World Photographic Cup competition are not eligible.
  • An image or album may only be entered once, regardless of calendar year, and whether they are a single digital image, an image in an album, or an element in a collage or composite.
  • A subject or model may only be entered or used once per calendar year.
  • The entrant’s name or studio name shall not appear anywhere on the face of any entry.
  • All entries submitted that include people in their content must have a "Model Release" on file.
  • No entry will be eligible that has been made under the supervision of an instructor or as a class assignment.

The Director of Exhibits has the authority to re-categorize, correct data entry discrepancies, or disqualify any entry. Disqualified entries may be judged but are ineligible to receive any awards.

All entries are due no later than 6 P.M., the Wednesday (generally the second Wednesday of the month) a week before the monthly meeting. The entries must be submitted online at www.ppgsa.org. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED!

PPSA Annual Digital Photographic Competition

The annual Digital Photographic Competition will be conducted at the November Guild meeting. 
  • All images and albums accepted for monthly competitions are automatically eligible for the annual Digital Photographic Competition.
  • The top eight (8) scores in each category will qualify for entry into the annual competition.
  • All eligible images will be separated by status group and category as defined in Articles 8.2.1 and 8.3. Images and albums will compete against entrants within the same status group, separated by category.
  • All eligible "category" entries will be judged individually in their respective category at the annual competion and assigned a score based on the "Twelve Elements of a Merit Image" for purposes of determining the "Category Winner Awards."

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