Upcoming Monthly Programs

    • January 24, 2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • Olympia Hills Golf & Event Center 12900 Mt Olympus, Universal City, TX 78148

    David Arnold - "Moving to a DotCom"

      In this information-packed session, you’ll learn the basics of how Google works and how it uses information on your website to bring searchers there.   You will learn the psychology of a searcher and how to leverage that to your advantage.   Learn how to guarantee that people will find your website when searching for your products and services.   You will also learn the Do's and Don'ts of search engine optimization and paid online advertising.

      David is the owner of DE Web Works, a web design agency that specializes in small business success. He has been working with businesses for over 20 years to bring technology in to help solve business problems.


    • February 21, 2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • Olympia Hills Golf & Event Center 12900 Mt Olympus, Universal City, TX 78148

    "Photographing Weapons"

      We live in Texas, which means that the majority of our clients own a weapon of some kind and would like to have their portraits done with them. So wether you are an enthusiast, or you aren't much of a fan of weapons, you should know the basic rules and how to correctly bend them to fit into a realistic portrait of your client. We all know that weapons are deadly, my goal in this class if for you to come away with a confidence to handle, check, and walk away from your session happy and healthy. This will be a hands on class so feel free to bring your camera and capture some images.

    Connor is sponsored by Arlington Camera.

    Connor Fuller, Cr. Photog., CPP, AF-TPPA loves to push the boundaries of his art and create something different.  And, sometimes a bit “dangerous”.  His love of weapons has infiltrated his love of photography and the two have meshed into a regular part of his work in his studio.  Seniors, bridegrooms, and people you never expect ask us for guns, bows, and knives in their portraits.  This always gets Connor’s creative brain fired up.  

    The photography bug bit Connor when he was 19.  His mother is a photographer and she was booked solid for senior season unable to take on any more seniors for that year.  A girl called him and said “your mom is booked and can’t take any more seniors and I want a Fuller to photograph me”.  When he laughingly told his mom about the conversation, she immediately said call her back and book it!  After a short posing lesson and a camera set on “P”, he was sent on the way.  After the recent loss of his father, Connor felt enthused and with a purpose.  The rest, as they say, is history.

    Today, Connor owns the studio and his mother, Esther, works for him.  The studio is in the small town of Kirbyville, Texas (population approx. 2000).  Small towns create a challenge, but with a quality product with exceptional service, Fuller’s Photography Studios stands apart from the crowd and draws clients from near and far. 

    • March 21, 2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • TBA


     "Capturing Peak Moments With Geometry"

     Philip Thomas will discuss design/geometry of images, his influencers, and present examples of how he applied his learnings from the masters of the 20th century to the genre of documentary wedding photography.

    From Chichester in England, UK, Philip immigrated to San Antonio, TX in 2006, to marry his best friend, Marcie. Before Philip's move to America, he was a news photographer covering local stories and sports, managed a studio, and traveled the world.

    A lifelong photographer, Philip is self-taught and learned from mentors in the newspaper industry. Over time, Philip has developed his craft heavily influenced by photojournalism.

    Philip's inspiration comes from numerous photographers. Among his heroes of sorts are Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Robert Doisneau, Don McCullin, Elliott Erwitt, Alex Webb and the founders of Magnum. 

    Shooting around 20 weddings a year, Philip captures weddings in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, New York, and Los Angeles.


    • April 18, 2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • TBA

     Joshua Jordan - "The Art of Street Portraits"

     When it comes to impactful portraits, oftentimes it's difficult to get the subjects that you most desire into the studio. There are logistical issues like scheduling and returning email and phone calls. The solution is to get out to where those subjects are and take the studio to them. Engage them on the spot and make the idea of having a portrait made be a winning opportunity for them…and for you.

    However, there are multiple potential issues that arise when attempting to approach strangers and ask to make their portrait. How do you make the initial approach? How do you develop instant trust? How do I gauge who will and who won't sit for me? Model releases? Gear? Settings? The list goes on and on.

    This session will cover topics like:

    How to stay safe
    Finding subjects
    What to offer in return

    About Josh:

      Raised in Fort Worth, Texas and a current San Antonio resident, I am the proud dad of three wonderful kids and the husband of the most incredible woman I’ve ever met. I’ve got a Bachelors degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Masters of Science degree from Texas Wesleyan University. My photographic journey started on a dive boat in Burma in 2009 and has since expanded to my current business, Josh Jordan Media Group, which currently has three separate and distinct divisions. My current photo project is my Hidden Faces series and I’ll soon be starting on my newest project: Perfect Imperfections.


    • May 16, 2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • TBA


     "Play With Your Food" - Commercial Food Photography

    • June 20, 2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • TBA


    Daniel & Jennifer Fermaint

     "The Art of Posing Dancers & Dance Studios

      Daniel & Jennifer Fermaint have built a successful business with their unique approach to dance studios, and you'll discover how you can do it too!  Listen and learn as they share their style, a brilliant combination of boutique studio and high volume photography with results that WOW!  Discover how they have succeeded in this genre and what you can do in your own studio.

      Jennifer Fermaint, a dancer and performing artist for 36 years and a dance instructor for 20 years, began studying photography in 2011.  She went on to earn her CPP in 2014, the IPC Bronze medal in 2014, IPC Diamond Photographer of the Year in 2015, Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees in 2017, and the IPC Bronze medal in 2017.

    Daniel Fermaint is an award-winning photographer - IPC Platinum Medalist in 2016 - with a flair for capturing seniors and action sports.  His expertise in creating composites and his talent for studio lighting and retouching make his masterpieces a hit.  A Photographic Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer, Daniel is a firm believer in cultivating his own education and skill set as well as that of other photographers and colleagues.  Daniel has been a musician all his life, making him a perfect match for his co-presenter and wife, Jennifer.

    • July 18, 2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • TBA

    "From Burned Out to Fired Up - Reigniting Your Passion"

      Owning your portrait business can be overwhelming, exhausting and down right frustrating at times. From the nagging phone calls that says you need update your Google listing, to clients who just want the digital files, often we as professional photographers find ourselves in a world lacking any creativity, passion or fulfillment.  Late hours working on images, to having to file yet another tax form, all the while your family misses spending time with you. Some days you just want to throw up your hands and say "I QUIT!".  I get that! I was there, for 6 really long years, I was burned out and my only goal was to make it through the next day. My passion was gone, my creativity was gone, my work suffered, my family suffered and my life sucked!  It's one thing to not like where you work, but it's totally different when you are the owner of that workplace.  

      It's time to turn your life around and take control, love what you do and spend time with you family and I'm going to show you how.  From clearing off your plate, to organizing your day to finding that passion you had at the beginning of your career, we are goin to walk you back for the living dead and turn you into a bright light of sunshine  to be reckoned with.

      If you are ready to take back your life and run your studio instead of it running you... join me for a fun, motivating and helpful program to Reignite Your Passion, and go from being Burned Out to Fired Up!

     About Mark:

      Mark Sykes started his professional photographers career in 1994. During that time, he was blessed to be mentored by Master Photographer Doug Box and become involved with the Texas School of Professional Photographers where he took on the role of a wrangler for over 13 years, assisting legendary icons in the photography world as Big Daddy Don Blair, Tony Corbell, Bruce Hudson, Joseph and Louise Simone, and many many more.  In 2001 Mark Sykes received his Certified Professional Photographers degree and is currently working on his Masters after years of not competing. 

      In 2016, Mark received his first merit prints at IPC going 3/4
    In 2017, Mark went 3/4 and earned his first Loan Print at IPC.  

      In 1999 Mark purchased his dream studio on the banks of Nantucket Lake in south College Station and has spend the years landscaping the acre area around his studio to include props such as a gazebo, cedar cabin, and an antique gas station complete with a 1959 Pickup, lovingly known as Mater.  Today Mark specializes in traditional to extreme senior portraits as well as family and children's portraits.

    @msykesphoto (Twitter)
    @marksykesphoto (IG)

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